Superman and Batman Themes for Kid’s Bedrooms

Batman and Superman are two mythical characters who attract most of kids around the world. Superman is an icon for power and well-doing. He is known by his red and blue clothes with a big “S” letter on his belt while Batman is a detective, mysterious, and brave superhero who fights against crime in Gotham city. If your kid is fascinated by these superheroes, you may need to turn his bedroom into a superhero hide out.

Superman is known by his red and blue colors; so, it will be a good idea to paint your kid’s room with these colors, or you might use bright colors to match any super hero. To complete the look of the wall, you can put the letter “S” beside some stickers for superman on the wall to indicate that its superman’s room. Some figures and cars from superman’s film on a glass shelf in your kid’s bedroom will give a feeling of realistic to the place. You may add a spider net in the corner and use prints of Superman on the rug, clock, and lamps. For a night company, you could place Superman shaped night lights and bed. If you could paint this bed with bright red and blue colors with pillows and cotton linens printed with Superman’s picture, the bed will be unified.

Bat man his own bat signal and mysterious face. You can paint your Bat man fan kid’s bedroom with Gotham sky line with a curtain covered by his picture and Bat man patches on the bed and well to get a greatly decorated kid’s bedroom. Your kid’s walk-in-closet is a proper place to represent the bat cave. It will be a great idea if you can paint bat signal on the door and bat cave paint inside the closet with few images of the computers and high-tech devices found in bat cave. This way, you will give your kid a chance to try real adventures into his room.

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