Surefire Ways to Remodel Your Home as a Professional by Ken Walter

The less is more is an effective interior design rule that works with every modern and even traditional home. That’s why you should purchase the important furniture and furnishings first and hide your items in an accessible space. If you need more ideas to remodel your home professionally, Ken Walter will share you the outcome of his experience in the following lines.

The simplest way to remodel the look of your home is to paint the place a new color or adjust the lighting system of the place. In the eastern rooms, the natural light will fill the place most of the day; so, Walter recommends the medium to dark colors with sheer roman shades or even without any window treatments to create a balanced look in the place.

As for the artificial light, you should” Consider many types of lighting to light a room well,” says Ken Walter. For example, you can create a wow factor with lighted sculptures, up-lighting fixtures behind furniture pieces, alcove lights, hidden lights into the walls or the ceiling, or layered spotlights and install recessed down lights or task lights to combine the functional and Aesthetic look in the place.

This is the perfect time to choose the area rug to complement the look of furniture and walls. Walter recommends the area rugs with a bolder shade of the room’s color or a neutral color and geometric patterns or layered sisal rugs.

If you have a neglected deck or backyard, it’s the perfect time to incorporate it into your home design. You can simply place a rattan round table with similar chairs and two or more lounge chaise to gather with your family members at least once a day. It will be a great idea to combine interior and exterior materials installing upholstered chairs with an outdoor kitchen to your backyard.