Sustainable Fabrics for Your Healthy Home by Laura Martin

To improve your health and life, the sustainable and eco-friendly materials and decorative elements inside your home will be your best choice. If you are remodeling your home or designing a new one, Laura Martin will help you define healthy fabrics and furnishings for your eco-friendly home.

Most of the sustainable fabrics and textiles have organic materials with less carbon, pollution, and energy creating a positive impact upon nature. Laura Martin loves to incorporate sustainable fabrics such as soy or foam made of soy fabric, bamboo fabric, natural latex, naturally flame retardant wool, and organic cotton into her designs to create a warm and inviting feel.

Such fabrics come with impressive colors and patterns to blend perfectly with your home décor. For example, Laura and her team decorate a Lake Tahoe Victorian kids’ bedroom using neutral colored organic curtains, bedding, and rugs with vertical patterns to provide the place a wider look.

In your bedroom, you can find durable and aesthetic bedding fabricated without flame-retardants or petro chemicals, required less energy and water to grow, and created less footprint at the production stage to create a comforting retreat in the place. Laura Martin recommends using area rugs made from such fabrics in addition to the furniture made of man-made and renewable wood to save the surrounding environment. Accordingly, Laura says” I encourage you to think “big picture” when making your next purchase… It may cost a little more, but an investment in your health, is money well spent.”

Such sustainable fabrics are stronger, more durable, UV resistant, and more moisture absorbent than the fabricated materials. Along with such eco-friendly fabrics, you should eat healthy and locally grown food and wear organic fabric clothes to create a healthy life for your family members as well as the new generations.