Swedish Bedroom Designs – Colors – Furniture

The Swedish design is simple, natural, unadorned, and comfortable; so, your Swedish bedroom will let you relax every night in an extremely comfortable atmosphere. Such an atmosphere will be the result of your Swedish furniture, colors, flooring, and decoration.

The Swedish furniture is usually made of some kinds of the light wood such as the birch, alder, white pine, and beech. You can paint this furniture light colors or stained patterns. Your bed may be crowned by a canopy with matching padded headboard or high curved headboard. Its beddings should match the Swedish colors in the room. The blanket needs to have bright jewel tones and rich textiles, and the pillow may have light and solid colors.

The rest of your Swedish furniture items will give you more freedom and space. You will need to get Swedish styled dresser, end table, and mirrors with their frames. You can get sleek lamps on carved tabletops to brighten your room while reading a book or watching your favorite show.

Painting your Swedish bedroom will need an artistic sense. You can choose one wall to highlight a piece of furniture such as the elegant Swedish styled bed or dresser. Try to define the suitable wall to be painted rich colors and the other walls will be painted the light shades of the neutral colors. If you want to design a cottage Swedish bedroom, you will need to apply the pastel blue to all of the room’s walls.

Try to decorate your Swedish styled room using pale green, lavender, rose, or yellow accessories to add a little contrast to your room. You may increase the degree of this contrast placing a white vase with red and gold flowers. A simple blue area rug on a plain floor decorated with delicate shapes or stripes will complete the elegant Swedish look of your room.