Teen Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating teen rooms can be a tough task so we gather you some ideas that might facilitate the task for you. A room for your teen is much more than just an extension of a child’s bedroom. A room for your teen is a reflection of their personality. Here are some decorating ways that will make your teen appreciative of their special place.

Firstly, you should make your teen’s room a clutter-free. Try to remove all items that your teenager doesn’t need. Try to minimize the amount of furniture that you placed into your teen’s room. Put the mattress on a bed frame and put shelves above the bed for storage. Try to mount a couple of light fixtures to the walls instead of using a night stand.

To get extra space, add a small table with drawers and storage which can double as a desk. To create the illusion of more space, then you should use monochromatic decorating schemes or different hues of one color family.

Neutral colors are preferable in small rooms as they give the impression of a room being larger so try to paint your teen’s room walls in purple, blue, green or blue-gray. To create a soothing ambiance within your teen’s room, paint one wall blue and the rest green.

If your teen’s room isn’t large enough, then try to decorate your teen’s room with light-colored furniture and accessories. To make your teen’s small room feel bigger, then you need to paint two of the walls a light color and two of the walls a deep color.

Rearranging your furniture could make a different and make the room looks larger so try to rearrange your teen’s bedroom furniture, place the bed away from the door to give the room a bigger appearance. To give a room a larger feel to the space, then you need to choose one piece of furniture or accessory as a focal point for the room.

Another great idea to get a massive amount of space under the bed where you can store a lot of items, buy wooden blocks that the legs of the bed fit into. By doing this idea your bed will be four to six inches taller and you will have more space.

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