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Teen Bedrooms – Decorating your Teen’s Bedroom

Decorating your teen’s bedroom is a great way to encourage him to study hard. Usually, the teenager becomes fascinated by certain hobby or activity that will determine his future. So, your role, as a parent, is to discover your teen’s abilities and talents through the way of decorating his bedroom.

To decorate your teen’s bedroom, try to choose the theme and color that go in line with your teen’s interests. Mostly, Teenagers love and practice sport. If your teen is one of them, you may paint the walls with his team’s color and post sport-themed wallpaper. It would be better if you can hang a shelf for his medals on the wall and a net for his balls at the corner. This way of storage could serve as a great decoration to your teen’s bedroom. As for the surfer teenager, try to paint the walls with blue color and red strep at the top. You can hang up his surfing board, colorful posters of surfers and beach, fishing nets, or palm trees. The color of bedroom’s furniture could be painted by red and blue colors.

The decoration of your musician teen’s bedroom will be different. You can mount his instruments on the wall as an attractive way of decoration and storage. To avoid the noise coming from your teen’s room, you may use the cork on the ceiling to absorb his sounds. Try to mount a small shelf on the wall to organize his collection of CDs. Let him to decide the color of the wall and furniture according to his talent. If your teenager is interested in politics, you can paint one wall with a dark color and let the others white to post important articles, political icons, and maps on them. The earthy colors would suit his bed and pillows. Your teenager may have any other hobby or interest like adventures, science, or video games. So, try to improve his interests and deal wisely with him.

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