Teenage Bedroom – Windows Treatments For Teenagers

If your daughter or son have grown to be teenagers and they can not do with their kids bedroom anymore , then redecorating his/ her bedroom to be suitable enough to match his / her new needs and tastes is a must , once your kid grow to be a teenager they will need more than before privacy , plus a proper place to study is highly needed in a teenager bedroom , consider these following funky ideas to decorate your teenage bedroom’s windows .

Painting over your teenage bedroom’s windows glass is an affordable way to create a noticeable effect that will decorate your teenager’s new bedroom windows glass , a remarkable beautiful method to paint over the window glass is Stencils , it is easy to be done on your own with the help of your teenager without needing a professional .get a nice stencil pattern that your teenager favor and stencil paints and paint the pattern on the bedroom glass . stencils paints resist the climate circumstances and can easily be painted over to change the look . look online you will find thousands of stencils patterns to choose from .

Another pretty and extremely funky idea for decorating the windows in your teenage bedroom windows is using colorful ribbons sewed together to create a curtains , the combination of transparent ribbons with pastel colors ribbons along with colorful girly beads will make a stunning effect every time the natural breathe pass through the window , this is a very affordable yet beautiful way to create a fascinating and funky feel in your new daughter’s bedroom .

Use mini roller blinds behind a fancy and thicker type of fabric drapes , use nice designs tie backs to accentuate your teenage new window therapy , the tie back knot could be made of materials like plastic or even fabrics .

Another fascinating and new idea to dress your teenager’s new bedroom’s windows is the cartoon theme curtains , use a cartoon character that interests your teenager. Even teenagers still like cartoon characters , or instead get a curtain with a theme of your teenage hobby for example , a painting of a musical instrument or some type of sports will surely please your teenager.