Make Your Teenage Daughter’s Room Paris Chic with 7 Simple Ideas

When you hear the word “Paris”, you think of elegance, beauty, fashion, romance, dreams, starry nights and night-lights. It is no wonder that every teenage girl wishes to visit Paris at least once in her life. Therefore, the best theme a girl could think of for a bedroom decor would be a Paris inspired theme, and here is how to make it:

1- Best wall paint colors for a Paris theme would be Tiffany blue, beige, soft baby pink or soft cream. After you are done with the wall paint, Use stencil art or cut out Vinyl stickers (in Eiffel tower pictures for example) to decorate the walls.

2- Furniture is the key element here in giving the bedroom a Parisian ambiance. Basically, you will need a desk, a desk chair, a bed, a vanity and a wardrobe. Go for rustic furniture like wrought iron or carved wooden beds. Create a delightful contrast with colors like choosing hot pink upholstery when you have cream painted walls.

3- Choose wrought iron tables and side tables to bring out that Parisian café feeling to the room.

4- Your daughter must have all sorts of earrings, pendants, pins and other girly accessories. Get a Parisian mannequin doll so that your daughter could hang and store all her accessories.

5- Instead of the usual overhead lighting lamps, get a chandelier. A wrought iron or crystal chandelier will give the room a Parisian ambiance. Also, get a desk lamp with white or cream shade.

6- Curtains should be in black, white or cream colors with a golden or silver tint. For the fabric, choose something sheer like organza. For hanging the curtains, use wrought iron curtain rod.

7- Choose tasteful accessories that give the bedroom a Parisian touch. Cushions in cream or pink with simple patterns will look gorgeous on the bed. As for the desk or the table, put a glass or a crystal vase with pink or red roses.

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