Teenage Girls’ Bedrooms – Inspirational Ideas

A teen girl’s bedroom becomes an extension of her personality as she grows up. Even when her preferences alter, her room decorations should be altered as well in order for her to feel comfortable in her own space. Therefore, when it comes to decorating a teen’s bedroom, try going for easily replaceable inexpensive items.

One of the most important things required in every teenage girl’s bedroom is ample storage spaces for her wardrobe and accessories. Look for a bed that includes drawers underneath, a full height bookshelf, and a closet organization unit.

Her input shouldn’t be overlooked since it’s her own bedroom where she’s going to study, set with her friends and sleep. Therefore, try emulating her favorite colors and items throughout the room. Even if her favorite color is a bold, bright or very dark one, you can then use it on one accent wall or try convincing her to confine it to accent accessories, wall decals, murals and beddings.

As a parent, try finding a theme that you both love. There are a variety of excellent options such as sophisticated plaids, environmentally friendly furnishings, and pink camouflage colors.

One great idea is to incorporate the metallic color into her room through lamp bases, alarm clocks, sheers, and pillows. The look of room will actually depend on what color of metal you choose. If you want to keep it cool, go for silver tones and use coordinating colors on walls such as white and gray. Conversely, you could paint the walls chocolate brown and beige and add items in gold or copper undertone.

Consider dividing the room into separate spaces. For instance, you could get a stylish desk to create a studying nook. In the other corner, get some beanbag or nest lounge chairs and create a hangout space. If there is an extra space, consider purchasing a complimentary shelving unit where she can exhibit her books, CDs, collages, framed photos, and knick-knacks.

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