Ten Key Kitchen Design Elements for 2020-2021 by Jan Hulman Goldman

If you are a trend hunter, you will certainly admire the Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Report’s results. Jan Hulman Goldman, the leader of Kitchen Elements team applies most of such design features in her designs to create up-to-date spaces.

The transitional kitchens with neutral colors and innovative storage spaces are on the top of trendy kitchens for 2020-2021. Jan Goldman and her team create these features in an Olney kitchen installing glossy off-white cabinets and drawers, colorful glass backsplash tiles, and high-end appliances. For more excitement in such a transitional kitchen, you can install a folding countertop made of stainless steel and laminated plywood or even funny cartoon character backsplash tiles, especially if you have kids. Otherwise, you will choose such tiles to reflect your personality and create a theme in the place.

In such a transitional home, it will be trendy to use quartz or granite countertops, built-in coffee stations, and wooden floor. Goldman uses porcelain and ceramic floor that looks like wood to make use of its warm feel in addition to mold resistance features.

For your pets’ food and water, you can install bowls to the side of your cabinet baseboard or between existing two tall pantries. The final addition in your kitchen is to feed your technological devices installing charging stations near the breakfast bar and workspace.

If you have an outdoor patio or backyard, it will be a trendy option to install a grill, a sink, and seating area and enjoy the outdoor cooking with your lovely family members or friends. Instead, you can bring the outdoor beauty inside your kitchen using large windows, skylights, or a door leading to the outdoor garden. Just make sure you will use high-quality materials and timeless colors to keep your kitchen trendy for several coming years.