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Ten Tips for a Stylish Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen is not only a place for preparing food. For many families the kitchen is a place for eating and socializing as well. Because of our hectic and busy lives nowadays, many of the family members meet only in the kitchen while eating or cooking. Therefore, it is important to design a functional, stylish and safe kitchen interior. Here are ten useful tips to get you started designing your ideal kitchen.

1-   Google pictures about your favorite kitchen style in order to specify exactly what you need.

2-   Consider the drawbacks of your old kitchen and try to avoid them in the new design.

3-   The refrigerator, stove and sink are recommended to form an even-sided triangle. This is particularly to avoid wasting time in the kitchen, reduce any unnecessary movement and make things handy while preparing food.

4-  It is also favored to have the sink near the window for a better drainage.

5-  Opt for light colors if you have a small kitchen. Dark colors will make the kitchen look smaller. The same rule applies to the tiles in the counters; light colors for the counters are perfect.

6-   Do not install a kitchen island that is too large. It is hard to clean and may hinder the natural flow of traffic.

7-   Allow natural lighting in the kitchen. In order to achieve this, stay away from heavy dark curtains for windows. Kitchen sheer curtains are great; they let natural light into your kitchen.

8-  Ensure that you have appropriate lighting in the kitchen. You can choose from a wide variety of lighting fixtures as the main lighting. You may also need to get task lights that spotlight specific areas in the kitchen.

9-  It is essential to have proper ventilation in the kitchen. Install a suitable range hood to prevent odors and fumes from spoiling your kitchen as well as keep the kitchen air clean and healthy.

10- To give that sense of vividness and freshness, enhance your kitchen with indoor plants especially those plants that can be used in cooking such as rosemary and oregano.

At last, the kitchen is regarded the heart of your home. So, take your time to design the kitchen right from the very beginning. Enjoy the whole process and involve your family to design that inviting, practical and elegant kitchen.