The 3 Simple Must-Avoid Decor Mistakes

Decor can be a tough game. It involves choosing a perfect surroundings with perfect lines in perfect colors. Moreover, when it comes to decor there is no right or wrong. There is only good and bad taste that most of your friends will be too polite to say it to your face. Therefore, you have to learn about the serious must-avoid decor mistakes.

1- Cluttering is the worst decor mistake ever. I do not mean littering by cluttering (though there is no question about how important it is to keep your place tidy and neat at all times). What I mean by cluttering is crowding your place with components, like crowding your room with furniture, colors, decorations and fabrics. Having a big variety of elements is difficult and unpreferable for human perception.

2- Over-matching and overcontrasting is another serious decor mistake. Imagine having a room in black and white colors only starting with the furniture and down to the last detail in the smallest ornaments there. Then imagine another room in patterns on the walls, the floor and the furniture. I doubt that you would like to be anywhere close to these two rooms. Avoid over-matching and over-contrasting in decor and create the perfect balance between different colors and different colors.

3- Keeping the right scale means choosing the right size of furniture. So wrong scales are another serious must-avoid decoration mistake. Do not buy a huge king-size bed when you have a tiny bedroom and there is no one to use it but you. Also, do not get different pieces of furniture that are varied in size. Having a huge couch beside a small chair does not look stylish at all.

Not only does decor affect how your place looks, but it also affects how you feel about it and what your family and friends think of you for choosing it.