The Best Beds Designs Ever, Are Here

If you are remodeling, customizing or buying a new modern or classic bed, join me to tell you about some stunning designs. Sleigh beds are such a classy option for both classic and modern designs. They look stunning with their high, curved headboard and their curved footboards. Wooden sleigh beds come with many shapes, sizes and materials that fit any bedroom design. For example you will find wooden, leather, open foot,

The wooden sleigh beds will provide you with the best comfort feeling you will ever experience. When you buy your wooden sleigh bed make sure to choose a good hard wood that lasts for long times. If you have a lack in your storage places, you can buy one with side drawers.
Let’s now move to the platform beds, they tend to be more modern, but you can find them in classic designs as well. The beauty of these beds is in its simplicity. The most common modern design comes with built in nightstands, which makes it an amazing center piece in any bedroom. Platform beds provide a lot of advantages.

Some designs have storage places like under the mattress or side drawers, you can use the storage chest as a bench. For more contemporary look, you can have a platform bed with built in lights. You can also add leather headboard for more elegant look. These beds give an extraordinary feeling of comfort.

Ok, it’s time to travel with the four poster beds back to the old beautiful days. The old classic four poster bed has four posts in each side, these posters are usually high and capped to the top. Some other designs have posters with middle height and there is also some designs with a wooden roof. In old times people used to hang curtains on these posters to protect them form the insects. They are called kings beds as they express the deep meanings of elegance and luxury.

The four poster bed classic design is known with its deep carvings which sometimes include some precious stones as a symbol of wealth and elegance. If you consider buying a classic design, you may need to set a good budget first. The modern design of this bed is so simple and has no carvings they only add a canopy. It’s usually used to add a classic touch to the modern design or to add a royal ambience to the room.

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