The best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Many homeowners confront the problem of shortage of space in their kitchens. Here, we produce some useful steps that can help you to overcome space constraint. The best trick to free a lot of space in your kitchen is to reposition the appliances in your kitchen.

Many householders don’t care about the vertical space. You should make the best use of the vertical space. Try to build vertical shelves and cupboards as high as the ceiling and utilize the higher shelves to store items that are scarcely needed. To give the impression of a kitchen being larger, try to replace your kitchen cabinets wood doors with glass doors which offer clear and open view of the cabinets.

To save more space, use sliding doors in your kitchen. Another great idea is to use pull out tops for chopping, cutting as they can be pushed inside when not required. If you intend to buy new appliances, then you should opt for sleek ones.

Using a built-in microwave in your small kitchen is a good idea. Remember, less is definitely more, so try to remove the clutter from your kitchen. Get rid of all objects that you don’t use such as pots and pans without lids, missing handles and broken appliances.

A new fresh coat of paint can turn your dull kitchen into a wonderful place where you want to spend maximum time in. try to paint your kitchen walls in lighter colors and consider painting your kitchen cabinets in a complementing or contrasting color. To make your kitchen look more open, then you need to use light colored walls, curtains, blinds and cabinets.

Try to maximize any natural light in your kitchen by keeping the blinds up and curtains back. To create an illusion of space and brighten up your kitchen as well, install lights under your kitchen cabinets.

To minimize the use of the available space in your kitchen, use small sized round table or built-in counter along the wall. The following breathtaking pictures illustrate clearly how you can benefit from the best small kitchen design ideas.

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