Themed Bedrooms for Teen Girls and Boys

Like a composer’s music, a crooner’s song, a painter’s painting, a philosopher’s meditation, a writer’s essay, a bedroom is the means a teen can express his/her sprouting creative ideas and personality. As kids, boys and girls are similar or almost the same, but as adolescents, this general childish fun branches out into girlish and boyish tendencies. Now, let’s see how these tendencies can be reflected in teens’ bedrooms.

The themes of teen girls tend to delicacy, beauty, and brilliancy. For example, if your daughter is interested in the princess style, get her a castle bed with duvet covers. Make the walls and bed in plain colors, sprinkling bright colors as pink, orange, red, lilac, etc. over furnishings like quilts, rugs, and curtains and accessories as lampshades faux shelves. As the feminine nature is also closer to nature than the masculine, girls are usually interested in the flower power theme. So, you can get them furnishings and fabrics in pastel colors with bright flower patterns. Further, girls are astounded by the splendor and glamour of the spectacular Hollywood theme. So, you can get some of the Hollywood stars stenciled on the wall, writing your teen girl’s name in the centre as if she were the superstar. Or, you can hang canvas prints of her favorite superstars on the walls. To go further, let your teen girl turn her bedroom into a Hollywood theatre, providing it with a stage, picture of Hollywood superstars, curtains, lights, and her bed for seating.

On the other hand, teen boys tend to action, vigor, and adventure. They are usually interested in sports themes, so get them surf, basketball, or skateboarding bedding. They are also interested in deep colors; if the room is not big enough, paint the walls and big sets in lighter shades of colors. Another boyish theme is the cowboy style which is a miniature of the country style. So, you can get wallpapers of the ranch theme, or hang some pictures of horses and paint fences around them. Select neutral colors for this style, mixing some blue or red. Further, to satisfy the boyish tendency of discovery and adventure, design your teen’s bedroom in the nautical theme, with prints of boats, ships, and submarines. In addition, black and white stripes and animal patterns suit the boyish style.