thermal curtains – What you should know about thermal curtains!

Since winter is becoming more and more fierce each year and heating costs are becoming impossibly high, scientists and fashion designers are looking for more ways to make our winters cozier and warmer. Mingling the fashionable good looks with effective operations is the new tendency of the future furniture making industry. One of the best selected ideas that have the looks and the efficiency partnered in one product is the thermal curtains. The idea of thermal curtains is keeping the heat inside in the chilly winter nights and thus cutting down heating costs.

They are ordinary curtains except for they are way more heavy with thicker fabric, sometimes it is only the lining that is heavy. Thermal curtains have foam back linings that blocks away the cold air and the sound waves coming from outside. Thus, thermal curtains not only keeps out cold air, but it is also sound proof which will block out any noise pollution coming from outside. When drawn, thermal curtains with their high density foam backing work on trapping the cold air between the window and the curtain instead of letting it seep into the room.

In order to give you a simple idea about the efficiency of these curtains, we are about to draw a simple comparison of the level of insulation offered by thermal curtains among others. A double panelled window reaches a level of insulation of R-2 or R-3 maximum whereas a single panelled window only reaches R-1. On a whole other level, thermal curtains reaches an insulation level of R-7 which is highly efficient compared to the cost and effective of getting new windows installed. You might find thermal curtains a bit more expensive than their alternative ones, however, just spending only a couple of years without having to pay for heating expenses will more than make it up to you.