5 Things You Need to Take into Account When Choosing Kitchen Tiles

When you ask a housewife: “what is the most important area of the house?” She will answer: “the kitchen, obviously”. It is true and that is why one should take great care when choosing its fixtures, appliances, furniture and last and most important: tiles. Picking tiles is no easy matter and one should consider some things when choosing them. These things are:

1- Think about the surfaces your tiles will cover. Kitchen tiles can cover the walls, the floors, or even the countertops. You can choose different sets with different sizes for each surface, and you can choose the same type of tiles (not recommended) for all kitchen surfaces.

2- Next, you need to consider the difference between tiles’ materials. Something like ceramic, porcelain, and quarry can be used for countertops and the kitchen flooring. Bamboo, vinyl and cork tiles are used for floors only.

3- Since tiles do not grow on trees (it would have been nice though!), you need to consider what type of tiles you could afford to get. Linoleum tiles – for example – are pricey, and so are custom designed quartz tiles. Kitchen tiles need their own budget so choose wisely.

4- After that, you need to take into account your and your family’s way of living. How much you use your kitchen affects what type of tiles you need. If you are a
Chef-in-the-making who uses kitchen a lot then avoid ceramic tiles that crack and lose colors easily.

5- Consider safety. When choosing tiles for either walls or flooring, consider safety. Smooth surfaced tiles are easy to clean but when used for floorings they can be slippery and dangerous. So choose smooth surfaced tiles for walls and tiles with raised patterns and rougher texture for floorings. Kitchen is one of those areas where you cannot think that cheaper is better. So choose tiles that are easy to use and clean.

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