5 Things You Need Most to Achieve the Best Repaint Makeover for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the number one room that needs maintenance and regular paint makeovers. Bathroom wall paint is always exposed to drastically different levels of temperatures and humidity damaging it very quickly. Therefore, there is no wonder that people need to repaint their bathrooms every few years. For that you need:

1- You need your bathrooms’ drywalls to have a smooth even surface. You might not notice that a drywall hasn’t been sanded that well, or that the plaster works are lousy, but these flaws will stick out like a sore thumb once you finish painting them. A level 5 drywall finish will be efficient to get the best possible result.

2- There is nothing worse than painting the walls of a room that is too humid. The result will be terrible. Ventilate your bathroom well before painting the walls. Open the windows and the door in your bathroom to air the area well. Using an exhaust fan also helps. You could also use a dehumidifier if you could afford it.

3- A drywall corner should be true and straight. Otherwise, you – or your contractor – will have a tough time hiding the flaws with paint. When you need to create perfect corners, use Bead and Flat Finishing Kit for a pro bead corner.

4- Half of the magic of how good your paint looks is due to proper lighting. After installing drywall, observe your bathroom ceiling and walls to see how they look with natural light, and how much artificial light you need for your painted walls to look excellent.

5- Wood-paneled walls are excellent for a bathroom that endures a lot of abuse. You will not need to set or install drywall anymore and your bathroom walls will be properly protected.


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