5 Things You Should Avoid to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you move from one place to another you get sick? OR that when staying the night at the guest room at your friend’s house you end up having a bad case of allergy? This is because some places are healthy and some are not. Here are some tips on what to avoid to make your bedroom more healthy.

1- I know that some people do not like to sleep alone so they cuddle their pets when they sleep. This is one major cause for a variety of sicknesses and allergy cases. Pets might make you a restless sleeper and they might shed their hair that contains dust, germs, pollen and other things that will cause you allergy.

2- Scented candles are another reason why your bedroom is unhealthy. I know that the idea of using scented candles for aromatherapy is tempting, but some people are allergic to manufactured smells. Even the smell of wax increases the chances of developing allergies for some people.

3- Pillows are another reason for sickness. You lay your head on a pillow for four hours at least every day. Therefore, it is natural that the reason for many sicknesses you have is in your pillows. Avoid using the same pillow for a long time. Use washable pillows (avoid ones with feather or cotton stuffing) and change the pillowcases daily.

4- Beauty products are also another reason why you have allergies, sicknesses and sleeping problems in your bedroom. What is even worse is that some people place them on the nightstand. Imagine inhaling synthetic materials and perfumes for eight hours daily. Off course you will get sick.

5- Your bedroom rug is another understandable cause for sicknesses and allergies. Some people might say a bedroom rug is not used often and does not need to get cleaned as often as a living room rug. However, any rug regularly collects a lot of dirt and grime you cannot clean with a vacuum cleaner. Send it few times a year to the laundry besides regular cleaning.