4 Things That Should Be Banned from Every House Decor

How your house is styled and decorated tells a lot about your personality. One can know a lot about someone just by looking at a room in their house. Therefore, we have to be careful about what we should not have in our houses because these things will tell others some negative things about us. Here are some things that should be banned from our homes.

1- Plastic Utensils and decorations, especially when you could tell by looking that they are plastic. Plastic dishware and cups and other utensils are not just cheap they look it and tell it to others as well. They are only good as toys for your little toddler to play with. Plastic decoration also say “cheap” loud and clear. For example do not purchase artificial plants made of plastic, because this will tell people you are too lazy to water real ones.

2- Unframed Posters and photographs taped to a wall also tell viewers negative things about you like you are cheap and have no taste. Are frames that expensive? Besides, you will need to remove them at some point and tape leaves some residue when pulled of surfaces, which will make cleaning them more difficult.

3- Boring pre-sets of furniture. You buy a living room or a dining room set and although it looks beautiful, you think that you have failed at displaying its beauty. This happens because you are sticking to the pre-set look you have found in the magazine or the site. Change things a little bit and move the pieces a little until you find the most suitable look.

4- Tiny rungs and bare floorings are another thing that should be banned from every dثcor. Rugs and carpets do a whole world of improvement to your house look. Therefore, choose rugs and carpets of suitable sizes with suitable designs.
There are some mistakes that we should avoid at all costs, and one of them is dثcor mistakes.