Have you ever thought about Oriental Furniture Design for your home?

Who would want to have a mess of cluttered and space occupying furniture? maybe its time to make more room for comfort and relaxation in your home. If you decide on doing that then oriental design is right for you. Oriental furniture can do a lot to relieve stress and turn your home into an oasis of calm. In fact, many interior designers use oriental inspired furniture in hotel lobbies, restaurants and office spaces because it instills a sense of calm and serenity.

How can you decorate your home in an oriental style ?

The dark colors of black, gold and red, the pattern of leave, bamboo and rice paper are the main highlights of oriental design. Another way is to display collections of oriental vases. Decorating a wall showcases prized oriental pieces or collectibles which have been gathered over the years, Bonsais can accent a side table or entry way, and supply a sense of craftsmanship and design.

Lighted paper lanterns or paper string lights can create a warm ambient glow ,. a lot of people buy antiques from Asian stores just to complete the look .whether you decide to transform your entire home, an area or highlight a small area with oriental interior decor. A few corner wall accents inside a living room or a bedroom with paper screens can modify an ordinary space into an oriental environment.

Backgrounds play an important role in oriental designs. Silk curtains, paper screens and bamboo wallpaper create a oriental atmosphere in the most perfect way. Framed oriental art highlighted with lotus blossoms. Hanging Large oriental design fans and scroll paintings give a splash of color and oriental decor to neutral colored walls. you can be more creative and buy some Dragons, Buddha’s, Chinese Wise Men, and Raja figures are accent pieces that may be displayed on tables or shelves within a home.

There is one thing which is very crucial to consider before deciding to design your home in an oriental style .Oriental decor is definitely expensive. Locating auction items and replicate pieces can help curb costs and keep the general price of a remodel or decoration project minimal. Shopping online at oriental decor discount outlets, for example Oriental Furniture and Oriental Decor USA, can help one to plan out their own design theme at great deals.