Timeless Traditional French Living Room Design Ideas

Decorating your home in different ways every now and then will let you refresh your mood and reveal different sides of your personality clearly. If you intend to give your home charming French feel,you should use tasteful materials, rich colors, and textural fabrics to create a bold and statement look in the place.

The elegance and charm of traditional French home design keep it at the top of design trends for several years. To create such a charm in your own living room,you will need curved seating furniture pieces with intricate details. The room may include a mixture of different colors and designs of armchairs, lounge chaise, sofas, and chairs with rich textiles and natural materials. You can accentuate such furniture pieces with multicolored cushions with golden tassels.

You will be lucky if the room has a day or floor to ceiling windows, as they will give the place a timeless and inviting look. You can cover such windows with transparent curtains in summer and heavy silk curtains decorated with tassels in winter. If you need to give the place a warmer and more formal look, you may need a bookcase and a fireplace with a white mantel.

Actually, you will spend warm times with your family members and friends in the cold winter nights in such a wonderful room. Adding your collection of antiques to your traditional French living room along with detailed architectural designs at the crown and trim molding will give the place a royal look.

You can paint the room a pure white or imperial royal blue to enhance the feel of French style. The French living room can be accentuate with golden decorative elements or lighting fixtures, but try to avoid extravagance to keep the charming look of the place.