6 Tips to Make The Bothersome task of Remodeling Your Small Apartment Easy

With rents increasing rapidly every year, Small apartments now are the norm for everyone. However, living in a small apartment requires that you understand the limitations of space in your apartment and how to use this space and what to get and what to get rid of. You have to be innovative and think of some smart ideas to be able to live comfortably in your small apartment. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1- If you do not need it, then get rid of it. Only have what is necessary in your apartment. Do not get useless pieces just to show off to your friends. Remember that you could kill for some space, so do not waste it.

2- Use multi purposed furniture. Furniture that serves more than one purpose is a necessity for small apartments. For example, get a create-a-cart for your kitchen because it has a countertop, shelves, towel bar and a paper roll holder. You could get a folding desk and an adjustable bed or a sofa bed for your bedroom.

3- Use high cabinets because they utilize vertical wall space and at the same time will not create a visual clutter in your room.

4- Use wall-mounting units, like shelves, hooks, baskets and racks. You can use wall-mounting units for storing away almost everything. You can even use them for decoration (put small potted plants and photos of your loved ones above shelves).

5-Mirrors are your friends even if you are not a girl! Mirrors reflect sunlight and artificial lights and make your room seem doubled in space. You can use mirrors even in the kitchen or at least use stainless steel appliances because they reflect light as well.

6- Soft colors are a must. The oldest trick in the book for making places look larger is using soft shades of colors for the walls and the furniture. Soft colors make your room look much bigger which is necessary in a small apartment.

Living in a small may be a problem. However, it is a problem that most of us have to deal with. Therefore, we need to think smartly and be creative about it to make living in our small apartments easier.

Pics Via : landfairfurniture