Tips on Decorating Your Boy’s Bedroom

As long as you have a theme in mind to start with, decorating your boy’s new bedroom could be extremely fun for both of you. If you already know his interests and favorites, you’ll be able to create a haven of his own to enjoy for many years. The color of walls is paramount and wouldn’t be easily chosen. One of the perfect choices is to mix warm and cool colors or dark and bright colors, also neutral basic colors as blue, green or white would be a solid backdrop for the theme.

When you apply a theme into a room, you can carry it into the curtains, lampshades, wall arts, and any accessories around the room. For example, if your kid is fascinated with the outer space and the stars, you can paint his ceiling a nighttime sky and get him a custom theme bed in the shape of a spaceship. If he is a fan of the undersea world, use a blue backdrop and ravishing wall murals of fish, corals, aquamarines, and shells. The point is that the ideas of themes are endless, but the most important part is to include your boy in the decorating process.

Area rugs are the most items by which you can imbue the room with your child’s fantasies and visions without worrying that he’ll grow out of it. Children’s rugs are so diverse that you can absolutely find the perfect one for the room. There’s camouflage colored rugs for your young military fan or you can get him a color schemed one that goes with his favorite cartoon character or superhero. And once his interests change or he grows out of the whole theme, you can always fold it and store it away.

Accentuate your kid’s room by using themed curtains and themed duvet covers. The chosen bedding should be simple though, especially for an older boy. Opt for striped or solid bedding of colors that match the surroundings such as navy blue, red, or white. Those colors will reverberate with his masculinity and would also help in not overwhelming the room. Also, use artworks and decorative borders that will entertain your child as well as instruct him. For instance, seek out some growth charts and treasure maps and refurbish the plain walls with them.

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