4 Tips to Help You with Decorating Your Tiny Bathroom

Small and tiny bathrooms are a problem for many people nowadays. It is a natural and evident result of the fact that the spaces set for apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Decorating a small bathroom might seem hard, but it is nothing that cannot be solved with some creativity and hard work. Here are a few tips to help you with decorating a small bathroom.

1- Have in your bathroom what you need only. Some people use bathroom for grooming and applying makeup or laundry and other tasks. However, with a small bathroom, they look for another place in the apartment to do them. So if your bathroom is tiny, do not put cabinets for your make up and accessories, or washing machines and dryers in it. Limit your bathroom appliances to the things that can only be used in a bathroom.

2- Unless you have overweight members in your family, get small fixtures. Big fixtures in a small bathroom look unsightly and consume a lot of space. They will also make it troublesome to move around in the bathroom. Get small toilet, tubs, faucets and sinks.

3- Use vertical wall space to your advantage. If you need to store soaps, shampoos, towels, and other bathroom necessities, use wall cabinets. Also make sure these cabinets are just big enough for storing what you need and nothing more. Paint them in the same color of your bathroom tiles to lessen the effect of consuming space.

4- Avoid dark colors. Dark colors give you an ambiance of a small crowded place. You do not need such effect if you already have a small bathroom. Use light and bright colors instead to convey a feeling of space.

Small bathrooms are not impossible to decorate. You just need to use your creativity and be smart about it. You can browse tiny bathrooms’ designs on internet to get more ideas.