Tips for Designing Attic Bedroom

Do you feel hot and uncomfortable in your bedroom and tend to try something new? Your attic is the suitable place to use as a comfortable bedroom. But it will need a special design and way of decoration to give you the hopeful results. Here are few tips that may inspire your imagination to design a creative personal bedroom.

First, you need to prepare the attic for the new look. Make sure that the structure of the attic is still sturdy and chick it out for any molds, mildew, leaks, or cracks. The height of the roof is essential to decide the design and functionality of the attic bedroom. You may need to install new electric sockets and insulations in the interior walls or around fixtures and lights to add some privacy, illuminate the place, and preserve the heat inside in the winter cold days. In the summer, you could use the conditioner or install a decorated fan above your bed.

Opt for the theme that matches your own interests, whether it is sunset, flowers, ancient buildings, seashore, or deep sea. For the theme of deep sea, for example, you can choose white paint with drops of coral color and coral shades on the floor, posters, and accessories. It would be perfect if you can find coral velvet to your tables and small sofa. Other colors may express your character such as moss green and the hues of purple, blue, or green.

To design an arranged attic bedroom, you may resort to the small and essential items of furniture like the bed, comfortable chairs, and an open arranged sofa. Leave an appropriate space to the doorway, and to walk, open drawers and closet, and use your table. All what you need is to arrange your furniture in a way that makes the room spacious. Your attic bedroom needs also to be illuminated by a standing lamp and a track lamp on the desk. A big mirror, bright colored curtain, and a bright area rug will help you to have a spacious and comfortable attic bedroom.

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