Tips for Designing your Bathroom

Bathrooms are used these days for different additional functions, such as reading magazines, watching TV, taking a warm soak in your tub in a romantic mood, and storing your exercise equipment. If you need to add new functions or ideas to your bathroom, you can design it yourself installing your new ideas and removing the old and invalid items.

Designing your bathroom depends mainly on its size. The large sized bedroom will have more options of designations and include more fixtures such as a toilet, bidet, sinks, tub and shower, and exercise equipment. The medium size bathroom may include a toilet, cabinet, and sink. The small bathroom shouldn’t be cramped or crowded by too much fixtures. It may include the essential fixtures such as the toilet, shower stall and a small sink. You can design children and guest bathroom using a three-quarter or full sized room, but the children bathroom will need more colorful storage spaces and the guest bathroom will need more formal items.

Lighting your bathroom is an important factor to reflect the mood you need. The natural light will refresh the air and mood of your bathroom giving it a healthy feel. At night, you will need an overhead lamp, wall scones on the two sides of your mirror, and task light over the sink. You can install a ventilation system and a power ventilator to get rid of any mildew, humidity, and heated odors.

You can decorate your bathroom using functional items such as the shower curtain rings or hooks, towel rings, and soup dishes. You can install light colored ceramic tiles at the middle with dark colored boarders to give your bathroom an inviting look. Your functional decoration also can include the corner shelves, above sink cabinet and medicine cabinet.

Your small bathroom can be paint an earthy tone with small patterns with a large mirror covering one wall to give a spacious look to the place. You can add more details according to your vision and the function expected from your new bathroom.