Tips for Designing Living Room

11 Top Tips for Designing Living Room. It’s no doubt that the room that you and your family spend most of your time in it is the living room and you can also entertain your guest in it. Most of our activities are done in the living room whether watching TV or making discussions. For these reasons, it is substantial to consider your living room furniture. We will produce you 11 top tips for designing your living room, scroll down to explore them:

1- Simplicity takes precedence over all else, so if you are looking for simplicity; opt for sofas that come with plain scroll arms.

2- Don’t clutter your living room with a lot of pieces of furniture and keep in mind that your furniture shouldn’t block access to windows and doors.

3- To change the look of your living room frequently, opt for furniture with changeable slip-covers.

4- To bring elegance to your living room, then all that you need is using coffee table and to facilitate storage, consider getting coffee table that has in-built-drawers.

5- Try to avoid glass tables because they will need wiping permanently.

6- Focal point is very important especially in a living room. The fire place can serve proudly as a focal point.

7- Colors play a vital role in a living room but you should know that the best colors for a living room are light and neutral shades.

8- If you paint your living room walls and floors with a neutral hue, then you will have plenty of leeway in choosing the furniture, draperies, ornaments and lights.

9- If you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, then you have to paint your ceiling lighter than the walls.

10-To get a wonderful look for your living room, then you should paint your living room doors and windows with contrasting colors to your walls.

11-If your living room is not large enough, use ambient lighting as this kind will make your living room look larger. You can also use mirrors to reflect the natural light from the window.Finally, mirrors can make your small living room seem larger that it really is.

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