4 Tips to Make Your house Gorgeous Using Japanese Decor

Many people like to use elements from other cultures when planning their house decor. One of these cultures is that of Japan. Japanese decor is known for its simplicity and beauty that takes your breath away. Many people use this type of decor because its simplicity brings peace and tranquility to their hectic life. It is the ultimate relaxing therapy they want to receive at the end of the day. We shall give you a few pointers on how to make your house gorgeous using Japanese decor.

1- Implement elements of nature in your decor. Japanese culture have always respected nature and cherished its beauty. Traditional plants used indoors in Japan are usually bonsais or bamboo. However, there is a wide variety of other plants you could choose from like palm, orchid, etc. All of these will give your rooms a traditional Japanese touch.

2- The lesser furniture you use the better. Do not clutter your house with chairs, sofas and tables here and there. Few cushions are all you need for setting. A few cushions and a low square table are all you need in a room. Moreover, when you go to bed you will not need a bed. Sleep in a futon (similar to a sleeping bag) and you can air it and put it away in the morning.

3- Sliding doors are a must if you are aiming at a traditional Japanese touch. These doors are made of wooden frames holding inside them a semi-transparent paper. You could also use these made of a wooden grid holding blurry glass.

4- One way to get in touch with nature and reflect your love for Japanese culture is filling your place with light and air. For these qualities, Japanese decor is an example of minimalist design. Large windows and openings in the ceilings (skylights) will provide you with all the air and light you need.

Following these tips, you will find that you have improved your overall house look and your life style as well. The simplicity of Japanese style will make both your house and your life better.