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Tips on How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

It can be quit a challenge to decorate your small bathroom , But it is possible with all the recent fashion trends in the interior designing , some decorative items can be used in a small bathroom that give the illusion that your bathroom is actually much larger than it is .

The most important step in order to make your small bathroom look larger is to make the wisest use of all the space you have in your bathroom , Determine your needs and make the most use you can do of all the space you have even if it is quit small .

Avoid having a tub in your bathroom installing shower stalls with glass doors will be much wiser in order to make the space in your bathroom look larger, Shower stalls don’t usually take as much space as the bath tube and it is still a convenient selection while the glass doors for the shower stalls can do wonders in opening the space of your bathroom which create the effect of a larger space .

However if you like taking baths and you can not go without a bath tube then choosing a right size bath tube is a must , choose a deeper bath tube and not a longer one in order to save the maximum amount of space you could save .

Specifying a space for all the items needed in the bathroom can make your bathroom look organized and tidy which effectively reflect on the interior space in your bathroom and in order to achieve that installing bathroom wall cabinets and shelves is a needed step , Using the walls to install storage unites can save plenty of the floor space .

Choose lighter colors scheme and avoid too much patterns and bold colors as they make the eyes distracted of the too much details that are in the bathroom , Decorating your bathroom walls with mirrors will help the light get reflected in all the corners of the bathroom and as known the more light come in the place the more the place look larger .

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