Useful Tips to Install a Curtain Rod Successfully

Do you need to install your home curtain rods without seeking the help of professionals? That is an easy task, but you will need just to use the right tools and to have confidence while working. This article will provide you the basic tips to install such rods successfully and easily.

To install your curtain rod successfully, try to make sure that you have all of the needed tools before you begin the project. The tools you will need are a tape measure, a pencil, a drill, and a leaser or normal level in addition to the rod and curtain. You may need a ladder if you have not high and durable furniture piecesnear the window. Now, you should clear the area from clutter to get the right measurements and work easily.

The first practical step to install your curtain rod successfully is to measure your place and cut the rod accordingly. The rod should be wider than and higher than the window.

You will use the pencil to mark the line of the rod that will certainly be near the ceiling. Then, you can mark the holes where you will drill and place the hardware to install the rod on. You will certainly hang the hooks or rings and tighten the screws on the ends of the hardware to keep the curtain rod fixed to the wall.

You will install the curtain on the rod according to the mood you need to create in the room. For example, when you position the curtains more on the wall than over the window, you will let the natural light fill the room and give the window a wider look. If you will use window panels, try to adjust them to be little wider and higher than the window.