7 Tips to Make Your Living Space Larger

There are many secrets to decorating small houses you would not imagine. So, if you live in a small home, we can help you to transform your small house to a really big kingdom. Just read these stunning tips about enlarging small spaces.

1- Before doing anything, you should empty your home from unnecessary stuff like books, magazines or toys you do not use. These things take up space and they become something that crowds your vision. As soon as you clear the room, you will feel comfortable about the result you have.

2- In order to let more light enter your house, you have to clean the windows. That aids in making your room look bigger.

3- Also clean the mirror and put them opposite to the window to enhance the light coming from the windowpane. And if you add a large mirror it would be even better to give your room more space.

4- You can give up the heavy curtains from around the windows and use cellular shades instead. The cellular shades will filter sunrays and provide the room with enough light.

5- Whatever you do, do not use dark colors in your small room, as this can be totally depressing. To open up your rooms, opt for the warm bright colors.

6- After putting the furniture in any room, some places remain dark. We cannot just leave them like this. If you set some lights in these posts, you will capture more space to hint.

7- Another useful tip is using multiple duty items. That will save your money and enables you to use the small spaces intelligently.
Whether the space of your apartment is large or not, the most important thing is the love you have for your home.


Pics Via : popsugar