Tips on Choosing Paint Colors for the living room

The living room is where you can unwind, relax or even watching TV. Many activities are performed in the living room. Since colors play an important role in a home decor so we generate you some suggestions on paint colors for living rooms. How to choose your living room paint colors? Indeed, at first you should understand the science of colors and color psychology as colors affect one’s mood and feeling.

Secondly, the size of your living room should be considered before deciding the paint colors for your living room. To create a soothing ambiance for your living room, then you should opt for calmer colors such as blue, green or violet. To develop the sense of calmness, then walls colors should blend well with your furniture color and drapery color. When painting your living room walls, avoid using too bright colors as they can be irritating to the eyes.

The next step is to decide your living room color scheme. There are three major color schemes to choose from: monochromatic, complimentary and triadic. If you want to use shades of a single color, then you need to opt for monochromatic color scheme. While complementary color scheme uses two different colors placed opposite to each other in the color wheel.

To use three different colors, opt for triadic color scheme. Opting for triadic color scheme can leave your house tastefully painted. After choosing your paint color, you will need to decide the type of paint you will be using. Color paints are available with different finishing touches. To give your living room a contemporary look, then you need to opt for paints with satin or gloss finish.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about 11 tips on choosing paint colors for the living room.