7 Tips for a Perfect Bathroom – Bathroom Workbook

Following are our top tips for designing and maintaining the elegance of, “the most trafficked room in your house” in the best possible manner.

The Lavatory:

One of the most common mistakes is placing the toilet near the bathroom door, thus making it the first thing to see when you enter and making it visible from adjacent rooms. Try placing it in the corner of the opposite end of your door for a more appealing look.

Storage Solutions:

Install custom storage cabinets to avoid clutter in your bathroom. They will give your bathroom a grand look, especially if they accentuate the mood you’ve chosen. They will also help you keep all your toiletries and cleaning supplies hidden and safe.

The Shower Tub:

In order to make the right choice when it comes to the tub, pick out a material that is durable enough and easily cleaned like acrylic. There are other options such as fiberglass, marble, and cast iron, but they all have their downsides.

Natural and Artificial Lighting:

Bright lights will effectively spruce up your bathroom. Also, adding a window or an operable skylight is requisite, since both are perfect sources of natural light and fresh air.

Ventilation Systems:

Another reason for adding a window is the required ventilation in the bathroom. Good ventilation will prevent any sharp smells or mold accumulations in your bathroom and keep a matchless space feel.

The Flooring:

Opt for durable and slippery resistant flooring materials for your bathroom floors. Seek out the popular types such as; ceramic tile, marble, PVC, or terrazzo flooring. Avoid the wooden ones though, since wood can easily warp and crack by dampness.

The Tile:

A full-tiled bathroom is your best solution to keep moister and water from entering through walls. Vinyl tile is the most durable type and using it whether on floors, walls, or backsplashes will give your bathroom an incomparable aesthetic appeal. If you want a more artistic look, try placing the tiles diagonally or in vertical or in herringbone patterns rather than the traditional square on square method.

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