Tips to Remove the Musty Smell from your Old Wood Furniture

Purchasing secondhand furniture or using the old furniture stored in the basement can be a good idea; especially if such furniture is still of high quality. However, you may find a musty smell emerging from the inside of your furniture because of any reason such as gross, mold, or mildew.This article will provide you a few ideas to help you choose the best way to get rid of that musty smell.

To remove the musty smell from a piece of furniture, you will need first to see if the smell coming from the outer finish or the inner natural wood. If it is coming deeply from the original wood, you will need to remove the outer finish to cure the original cause of the smell. If there is a mold, you can remove it using certain resolutions such asa soft steel wool, alcohol, and any detergent; then you will be able to remove the smell easily.

After getting rid of the main cause of the smell, you can use many techniques to end up the musty smell and even turn it to an amazing odor. The charcoal, Kitty Litter, and baking soda placed in a glass or plastic bowl on the drawers or inside your furniture pieces from a day up to three days are excellent ideas, because they will absorb the musty smell.

Following this step, you can use simple soup, murphy’s oil soup, or flavor extracts like vanilla to replace the musty smell with a fresh one. Now, you can refinish your furniture pieces to give it a good look and smell at the same time.

If you are sure that the musty smell is coming from the outer finish, you will need only to place the baking soda and charcoal inside your furniture pieces putting them in a sunny place to kill the harmful bacteria.