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Tips On Selecting The Best Bedroom Curtains

The curtains are of the most important factors that tie the room decor together , a wrong curtain can spoil the look easily , it can be quit difficult for you to choose the best curtain for your bedroom , there is a very wide range of varieties too choose from , heavyweight curtains and lightweight curtains , long flowing curtains or short ones , patterned or plain ? It might be somehow confusing to choose the best set of curtains for your bedroom but if you make up your mind of the functionality that you want your curtain to serve and the touch you want to add to your room making your decision of which curtains set to choose will become easy on you.

If you want a more formal look for your bedroom choose long fabrics curtains , Satin , velvet or Silk will be perfect to create the formal feel for your master bedroom , Use more than one layer to give a feeling of richness to your bedroom like Sheer or Organza curtains behind more fancy and thicker fabrics curtains .

Keep in mind that the main functionality for curtains is to control the amount of natural light let in the room during the daytime , so if you have a sleeping habits during the daytime then opt for blackout curtains best they are made of a thicker and a heavier material of cloth that will block out the natural light and make the room dark , But if you still want to let in some some light during specific times of the daytime while the other times it will be best making the room dark then install Sheer curtains behind the blackout curtains .

The second element to consider is the dimensions of the windows in your bedroom , quit large windows should be perfectly dressed with long flowing curtains , if you have a small window then opt for shorter curtains they will suit the window perfectly , you can also make those small windows look larger by dressing them with curtains that cover the flaw of them being small .

Alternative materials would be wooden or bamboo curtains they add a natural look and resemble an Asian feel , or also consider beads curtains they give a Mediterranean appeal to the room .