5 Tips to Take Care of Your Tile Floorings

Every house has different types of floorings. No matter how big or small your house is, it has to have at least one area with tile flooring. There are many advantages for having a tile flooring, like how they look gorgeous and shiny, and how they are easy to clean. However, they need maintenance like everything else. Here is how to do it.

1- The most common and easiest to understand of these tips is regular sweeping. Dirt damages the surface of your floor tiles easily so sweep the tiles regularly. It will not take long and it will do a world of difference.

2- Another thing that is common for maintaining tiles is moping. However, people seem to think that moping is only necessary when the tiles are in your bathroom or kitchen (which is completely wrong). So mop any surface with tiles you have at least few times a week.

3- Inquire about how to clean your tiles. Ask the salesman in home improvement stores about the proper cleaners for your tiles. Some detergents contain bleaches and chemicals that might damage your tiles or change their colors. So ask how to clean and sanitize the tiles properly without damaging their textures or colors.

4- You know that small space between the tiles where their cement material is? It is called grout. Make a mixture of water, vinegar and backing soda and brush these spaces with it to make it shiny. Then mop the floor like you usually do.

5- If you have a tile that is so scratched that you see the white surface of the tile, then it is time to fix it. For porcelain and ceramic tiles, rub the floor with a brass polish or toothpaste in circular motions. For laminates you need silicon paste or wax pencil.

Maintaining and cleaning tiled surfaces is not just about sanitizing them and keeping them germ-free. It is a process if keeping your tiles looking elegant for many years.

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