4 Tips to Make Your Tiny Living Room Appear Larger

Most of us are not lucky enough to live in wide spacious houses where we could design and choose their furniture whichever way we want. In fact, many people live in places that can be called “small” at best. Therefore, if you are one of those who live in a tiny apartment and have a tiny living room, you need to learn few essential tips that will help you make your living room look larger.

1- Considering furniture, less is more. Do not think that if you get small pieces of furniture and fill the room with them, your living room will look better. It is better to get few pieces even if they were big instead of getting many small pieces. The more pieces you have, the more elements your eyes have to perceive meaning a fake signal that the room is crowded.

2- De-clutter any clutter. The same theory of too many elements give you a feeling that the place is crowded, works here. So keep your room tidy and de-cluttered as much as possible. If you have things that look like they could cause visual clutter, keep them locked away inside cabinets.

3- Avoid dark colors. You know how women like to wear dark because it makes them look slimmer and “smaller”? Sadly, the same goes for rooms. So avoid dark colors for your walls, flooring and furniture. Dark colors will make you feel like being in your living room means developing a case of claustrophobia. Use lighter colors instead.

4- Provide your living room with strong lighting day and night. Keep your windows open so that natural light fills the room and makes it seem bigger. Use reflective surfaces like glass chandeliers and mirrors to refract light and make your living room look more spacious. Remember that only a poor handyman blames his tools. Therefore, be a clever handyman and do your best to make your living room better.

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