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Useful Tips to Create Bright and Airy Rustic Space by Celia Bedilia

If you are a fan of the chic rustic home style, you will certainly enjoy the elegant details and fresh space. You can use different ways to provide your home such an elegance such as the bright and airy designs of Celia Bedilia.

The natural light and materials are key elements in the rustic home style, as you can use large windows with wooden shutters to keep your privacy whenever you need. If your home has lack of natural light, try to use powerful lighting fixtures to enhance the airy look of the place.

Celia Bedilia and her team apply these tips in Casco Bay Home using large and sunny windows along with white wainscoting panels and fresh green plants. You can still use contrasting colors to provide the place an airy look such as white with black and brown with off-white colors in Maine Colonial kitchen.

The hardwood floor with white and brown wooden furniture will create a unique combination of warmth and brightness in your rustic home. When Celia Bedilia and her team receive a request to remodel a rustic home, the first step is to remove the old and distressed floor tiles and install polished hardwood instead. The colorful plants and framed pictures will provide such an airy space a fresh and inviting look.

If you really adore the rustic style, but you already have a modern home, you can create a lovely rustic seating area with glass walls in your porch, attic, or in the transitional room between your home and the outdoor setting. In your rustic open design home with an outdoor green setting, it will be a great idea to provide the place an interesting look using a unified floor, granite and distressed wood surfaces, and white cabinetry.