Useful Tips to Decorate Your Stylish Modern Home with Culbertson Durst Interiors

Every part of your home has its own function, but the main function of the whole place is to provide you comfort, safety, and inspiration. This article will provide you inspirational ideas from popular designers to apply in your own modern home.

The first step to decorate your modern stylish home is to store most of your items in usual and unusual areas. Now, you can use a statement decorative element and choose the colors and textures of the room accordingly.For example, Jeff Culbertson and Jill Durst begin their renovation to a modern kitchen using sleek walnut cabinets as a statement element with glass and off-white surfaces to create a balance in the place.

In a Miami home, Culbertson Durst team members set a warm stone focal point area above the mantel and choose a combination of blue and beige finishes with geometric shaped patterns to create a stylish look in the place.
Another important rule to create a stylish modern home is to allow your personality to shine through the place and to create harmony among color, texture, and light.

In Oakland High-rise, Culbertson Durst team members try to make use of the powerful natural light and use Santos mahogany floor with similar dining chairs and white and black furniture. In a Danville home, the team members try to reflect the homeowner’s love to nature and restful spaces using fresh green plants, Feng Shui low furniture, and muted colors.

To providing your home a stylish and interesting look, you can combine open and closed storage units to display your possessions and collections and use reflective or glossy surfaces. Culbertson Durst team members apply this idea in Aptos vacation beach house creating an airy and interesting look.