5 Tips to Get Your Work of Art Black and White Kitchen

Modern kitchens are gorgeous. Modern black and white kitchens are even more gorgeous. Their beauty is not hard to miss with their elegant simple lines and beautiful contrast of colors. You should learn how to style your modern black and white kitchen smartly so that it has a relaxing convenient ambiance that will let you do your work effectively. Here are some few helpful tips for that.

1- Keep in mind that the white color you need for your kitchen is true white. Do not get paint chips or clips of white paper and ask the paint store salesperson for a similar color, because what you might get then is eggshell white, which will not give you the effect and contrast you need.

2- If you have decided to make the kitchen cabinets your point of focus, then give their white color a shiny finish and use black or charcoal tiles for the walls. If you think that you have too much of the “contrast” effect, then paint the walls in darker shades of brown or red.

3- If you like it the other way around (White walls and black cabinets), then you could get some prime, sandpaper and some black paint and repaint the cabinets. You could even get new assemble-yourself cabinets if you can afford it.

4- Avoid having too many colors. Remember that we are working on a black and white kitchen. Make sure that the appliances, pots, kitchenware etc are in black and white.

5- Reduce clutter as much as possible. Remember that we are decorating a modern kitchen. Modern effect is enhanced with simplicity, which is ruined with clutter. Lessen the elements on the surfaces as much as possible, and hide everything you are not using in the cabinets. With these tips, your black and white kitchen will be stylish and gorgeous. Make sure to keep it clean, maintained, and clutter free all the time.

Pics Via : interiordesign2014