Toddler Boy’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The process of designing your toddler boy’s bedroom is the same as designing any other room in your home. But I know your feelings while doing it will not be the same. Your toddler boy is out of his nursery and is moving into a big boy bed and this a momentous occasion.

Although your toddler may not be able to communicate to you what he exactly would like to have in his room, his personality would reach out to help you find the decorative touches that will make him smile, make the room fun for him and also look great as part of your home.

Before you start decorating your toddler boy’s bedroom, look at your boy’s room. Does it just need little changes or are you going to need to tear down wall and rip off carpets? Consider these matters before you get started, and if you are concerned about anything consult with a professional.

Then set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Do not give in to temptation and go into a shopping frenzy. Spend wisely and you will be satisfied with the finished product. What you should also think about is safety concerns, so stay away from sharp edges and loose wires. Moreover, make the things in the room accessible to your toddler boy’s reach. For instance, put the light switches down low and have a child-size table and chair for him to sit at while he plays.

In addition to the above mentioned ideas is choosing a theme. A theme is a good way to get focused and stay on task. There are so many theme that you can choose from. In the following section, I am going to list a number of themes that among them you may find to your liking.

Sports are a common theme for a toddler boy’s bedroom decor. Although your toddler boy may not have yet expressed any particular interest in any particular sport, you can include elements from a number of different sports in the room. For instance, paint footballs and baseballs on the walls, and follow the same idea for the bedding and sheets.

Cartoon airplanes, trains and automobiles are also popular for boys’ bedrooms. For example, paint a giant wall mural of race cars and get him a race-car-shaped bed and race car sheets and bedding to go with it.

Outer space theme is another decorating idea for a toddler’s room. For instance, look for spaceship bedding and maybe even a spaceship bed. Also decorate the room with real images of the moon and space to grow with your child.

Safari can also be a good theme for your toddler’s room. You can paint elephants, lions, giraffes, and zebras, and other animal on the walls and choose beddings and quilts that feature exotic animals to complement your theme.

Furthermore, you can get more inspiration from the following pictures.