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The Top 4 Types of Modern Wardrobes You Will Want to Have

Wardrobes are handy pieces of furniture that have many purposes. Everyone needs wardrobes to put away their clothes, shoes, blankets etc and keep them tidy and clean. However, wardrobes also help you create a stylish sophisticated atmosphere in your room. They reflect your taste and show how much you feel about your house, and whether you just consider them a handy tools for hiding things away or pieces of art with the added bonus of helping you organize. Here we shall show you the top four types of wardrobes.

1-Hand crafted wardrobes are refined pieces of furniture made especially for people who like Elegant French style. These wardrobes are richly decorated reminding you of the Victorian or French renaissance era. Their shelves are removable thus easy to adjust according to your needs. One type of those classy wardrobes is oak armoires.

2- Wide wardrobes are named after their size. You order them in a size that suits the size of the room. A wide wardrobe has five shelves, a hanging rail and a fixed shelve. Most wide wardrobe types have a sliding door to save space.

3- Freestanding wardrobes have simple designs. They have a fixed rail inside them so you will have to check the rail’s hight and see if it is suitable for the length of your clothes. Also, check your freestanding wardrobe measurements and see if it is suitable for your room.

4- Fashionable wardrobes are a modern style type of wardrobes. They have an open look to that that makes them look wide. Your clothes will look good folded or hanged in these wardrobes. These wardrobes will fit perfectly in your modern room decor.
No matter what type of wardrobe you choose you have to be careful that it matches the design of your room and that it is

painted in a color that compliments the dominant colors in the room. Also you Need to take measurements so that the wardrobe you are going to buy is not too big for the space you made for it.