Top Interior Design Features for 2021 by Jackson Design and Remodeling

This fascinating spring is an ideal time for a whole or partial home remodeling, especially if you will incorporate natural elements into the place. It will be a better idea to combine such natural elements with the latest trendy features for an unmatched look. The team members of Jackson Design will help you choose the suitable trendy features for your coming remodel.

When you remodel an existing home, you should use timeless materials for the long-term elements such as the large furniture pieces, cabinets, and floor. As for the small items such as lamps, chandeliers, and countertops, you can use a mixture of natural crystals, colorful minerals, unpolished semi-precious stone, and quartz tops.

The black steel and glass doors and windows are perfect options for the solar-operated modern homes with industrial influence. You can choose the textural or semi-finished walls, but the trendy kitchen and bathroom usually have floor to ceiling tiles with a pop of bold or unexpected colors to provide the place a clean elegance. In beach-themed bathroom, Todd Jackson and his team use white wall tiles with 3D textures in addition to colorful mosaic tiles and glossy cabinets to create a perfect bright space.

To make use of the outdoor green and fresh views during the springtime, you can extend your living space to connect the indoor and outdoor settings directly. For example, you can create an easy navigation between your home and the outdoor entertaining patio or bring the outdoor warmth and serenity to your interior.

Most of Todd Jackson’s projects feature sustainable elements with natural and high quality materials taking into consideration the aesthetic look of the place. Jackson and his team design a modern farmhouse space with natural elements such as a fireplace and rustic walls even in the bedroom.