Top Ten Decor Don’ts To Avoid

If you are thinking to give your living room a new look , rearrange it or completely renovate it and you are still planning what differences you want to give your room then you should consider getting acknowledged of the following decoration tips DON’T’S in order not to make the same mistakes you have with your current living room decor , to have a flawless overall look for your living room we have prepared to you a list of 10 things that you should avoid the most when you are decorating your living room so discover below the Top Ten Decor Don’ts To Avoid .

10- Don’t Hang Floor-Length Curtains From The Top Of The Window  : When you are choosing curtains for your living room windows try to stick with the ones that are floor length that hang from a near point to the ceiling instead of the ones that hang in the top of the window frame to great an illusion of a higher and ceiling and grand window .

9- Don’t Have The Same Color Wood For Everything In The Living Room  : Mix wood colors in the same space to create a natural feeling similar to that in the forest which is responsible to make your living room ambiances more inviting and comfortable for everyone .

8- Don’t Put An Area Rug Over A Wall To Wall Carpeted Floor  : This is a big decoration NO to avoid , it is just like wearing sandals over socks and it totally spoil the overall look of the room , have an area rug on wood floor under a coffee table and make sure to have at least 18 inches free on each side of the area rug .

7- Don’t Neglect The Power Of Personal Photographs  : One of the best ways you can decorate you living room walls with is your personal photographs so go one pick up your special memories , frame them and hang them with at least 4 inch space between each one .

6- Don’t Use Bright Colors For The Walls  : Try to avoid bright colors such as hot pink and red for your living room walls as they create extreme feelings such as anger , instead go for warm and deep colors to make your living room cozy and inviting for your guests .

5- Don’t Push All Your Seating Against The Wall : Instead of pushing your seating against the walls in any room not only the living room choose to float them tastefully with at least two and half feet distance difference for walkways , but if you have one big piece of furniture and you have to place it against the walls then balance it out with a same dimension focal point on the facing wall .

4- Don’t Forget To Remove The Paperbacks When Decorating With Books  : If you are willing to decorate with books don’t forget to remove the paperbacks that are protecting the books to display the real colors and textures of the book , you can display them on the coffee table , glass doors living room storage cabinets or just pile them up in a neat way beside the sofa .

3- Don’t Use Too Many Pillows To Cover Your Sofa  : Although pillows make any sofa even more cozy and comfortable but too many shapes and colors may lead to confusing the eyes in the living room , use some of the original pillows that come with the sofa to decorate the floor to create a harmonious look .

2- Don’t Buy All Your Living Room Furniture Pieces From One Place : Using your own taste mixing and matching furniture pieces should reflect your own personality on the living room and give it a unique look , tend to mix old and new , the antique pieces that you have good memories with still can accentuate your living room .

1- Don’t Use Lights Around Your TV  : If you are willing to have your TV as the focal point of the living room avoid installing any lights around or facing it instead have ceiling lights , floor lamps or pendant lights .