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Top Ten Kitchen Trends For 2015

The kitchen is always the one room of the house that gets heavily used which require constant renewing or at least freshening up , copping up with the latest kitchen decor trends will give you a stunning experience every time you are entering the kitchen , if you feel it is the time to renew completely your kitchen or at least apply some changes to it to renew the look then find out about the latest kitchen decor trends for 2015 and get inspired .

1- Opened Space Kitchen : Having an opened space kitchen allows you to accentuate and complete the look of your living room with your kitchen Hence the new decorations and colors for your kitchen must be chosen carefully to harmonize with those in your living room .

2- Wood Cabinets : The wooden cabinets is a trend that keep going on and off in terms of kitchen decor trends , However this year , the strongest trend for kitchen is naturally looking wooden cabinets , wood cabinets have been the choice for generations as the natural look of wood can fit and match almost any color .

3- Matte Finishing : This year is unlike the previous years , the finishing for kitchen cabinets tend to be more with more matte than the high-gloss furnishings that was fashion the past few years .

4- White Cabinets : White is a brilliant color that go very well with any other color , it is presented almost every year in the fashion trends , white cabinets can be the perfect sleek selections if you are planning for a contemporary kitchen , white cabinets will add a remarkable touch in terms of modernizing the kitchen overall look .

5- Gray Cabinets : Gray cabinets tent to be more practical as they will need less maintenance than white cabinets although they are highly presented in this year kitchen decor trends , the grey color match perfectly almost all types of counter tops that are in the markets .

6- Metallic Cabinets : The metallic cabinets can enhance greatly the sleek look of your modern kitchen , they can match almost any kitchen design you have without the need to renovate your whole kitchen , they are practical because they can easily clean and the risks for any surface damages are less .

7- Bronze , Nickel And Chrome Fixtures  : Stainless steal fixtures is not in fashion this year , oil-rubbed bronze fixtures tend to be more fashionable this year which include , handles , faucets and knobs. Lighter options than bronze are also presented such as nickel and chrome .

8- Warm Colors Metals  : Like said above stainless steal don’t seem to be in range this year , however other metals like copper and chrome for your faucets and fixtures will add richness and warmth to the overall look of your kitchen as they will also look different .

9- White Sinks  : Like mentioned above which is really in fashion this year for kitchen decor , hence white sinks are the best choice if you want to modernize your kitchen specially if you are going to use the darker colors fixtures white sinks will combine and lessen the sharpness of the dark fixtures .

10- Drawers  : Drawers are an indispensable in any kitchen in order to keep it clean and organized , drawers this year tend to look different and more spacious in order to store all your appliances in a well organized way .

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