Traditional Costal Style Kitchen

As you spend many hours cooking and washing in your kitchen, you will need to create a relaxing mood to amuse you during these hours. The traditional coastal style will help you feel as if you are taking a short vacation in the open air near the refreshing sea.

To achieve this theme, your kitchen has to have natural elements. The overwhelming natural light will give your kitchen the feel of the beach. Your walls may be painted white color with colorful accents, or light colors such as the sea foam green, the light beige, and the soft blue with white and cream as a base color.

Your traditional coastal furniture needs to be made of hardwood stained or finished with natural coastal colors. You can install a seating area, near the island, with a white marble top and blue or dark yellow chairs. To complete the natural look, try to install wooden ceiling and floor. Your backsplashes can be made of tiles on the shape of seashells and the curtain along with the table linens may have sea-life designs. You can use a wooden or steel cabinet with fabric furnishings in the traditional coastal style kitchen.

It would be better if you can use functional and decorative accessories to enhance your theme and avoid cluttering the space. Your salt and pepper containers or shakers come with different designs such as palm trees, flamingos, and blue crabs. You may use kitchen towels with seashells and nautical designs, and glass cutting boards to enhance the costal theme.

The lights in your coastal traditional kitchen should be chosen carefully. You have different options of the artificial light such as the ambient light, task light, track light, accent light, decorative light, and cabinet or under cabinet light. You can even use LED panel to add a soft light to your lovely kitchen.

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