Traditional French Bathroom Designs

If you have a small or large sized bathroom, you can apply the French design to give your bathroom a charming look and help you get a peace of mind. It will be light and airy place with ornamented fixtures made of wrought iron. This article will show you the principle ideas of designing such a room and you have the choice to change or add new items according to your needs.

To get a light and airy look, you can paint your bathroom light colors such as soft blue, milky white, ochre-washed, green-gray, or rich golden colors. Your fixtures may have the shades of these colors or the white color. You can floor your traditional French bathroom using patterned stone tiles or terra cotta tiles. You can decorate your pretty bathroom using ornamented mirror frames, a vase of lavender, candelabra with white candles, and a towel basket.

The fixtures of your traditional French bathroom will be made, mainly, of the wrought iron. You can install similar rounded and ornamented faucets made of wrought iron with matching mirrors. You will need to use cabinets to store your towels and personal soups according to the size of your bathroom. The door of these cabinets can be made of wood frame and glass, or it can be absolutely made of wood. In all cases it should match the main door of your French bathroom.

The shower area will need to get the French touch to match the rest of your bathroom. It would be better if you can install a freestanding decorated white bath tub and light weight shower area. You can recycle an antique desk or table to surround a white basin at the center of your bathroom. Your bathroom may need a wrought iron towel rack and mirror vanity to increase its functionality. If you have an additional space, you can add a small seating area that includes an ornamented armchair or chaise lounge in neutral colors.