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Traditional French Dining Room Design

The traditional French dining room will create a casual, elegant, light, airy, and comfortable atmosphere by its refined and simple look. Such a design depends mainly on utilizing the recycled items; so, you can apply this design in your home using your existing furniture. Here are the main features of the traditional French dining room to create your unique room.

The traditional French dining room furniture is usually made of curved wood with faux finishes. The dining set consists of a long dining table and high backed chairs upholstered by smooth toile or damask covers with detailed or simple look. The advantage of this design is that you can purchase any antique looking and curved dining table and chairs from the recycled furniture stores and paint your furniture bright or monotone colors, such as cream and green, to get an antique looking French furniture pieces. You can add natural patterns to your furniture to feel as if you are in a light and airy chateau.

The traditional French theme will look better when you apply stripped or patterned big and bold wallpaper with blue, white, or yellow colors instead of painting your dining room. Try to use stainless steel or wrought iron accessories and decorative wall plates to enhance the theme of the room. The brass or crystal chandelier hanged in the ceiling above your dining table with matching lampshades ornamented with flower shapes will add a charming and comfortable look with a formal touch to your traditional French dining table.

The floor of your traditional French dining room can be made of wood, rough tiles, or red clay tiles. The windows of the room should be open most of the day hours to let the natural light enter the room. So, you can cancel the curtains, or you can use wood blinds, modern roman shades or heavy monotone drapes from floor to ceiling.

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