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Traditional Kitchen Style – Bring in the Magic of Old World

Jerome K. once said that your chairs and tables get to be part of your life and they get to seem like peaceful friends, so to speak. He was neatly right, wasn’t he? Your house truly connotes your taste and way of living. Every aspect you choose in any room spells out your personality in an outspoken manner and that doesn’t exclude your kitchen.

Here are one of the most favored kitchen styles around the world, namely the traditional style, and hopefully this article will help you out in applying it in a skillful manner;

Traditional kitchen features the styles developed in the 18th and 19th century with symmetrical techniques, backsplash niches, rich colors, and intricate unexpected details. You can’t have too much wood in your traditional kitchen. You could even have a tall cabinet that hold your refrigerator. Traditional cabinet doors and drawers are usually set flush with frames and marked by ornate trims, corbels and moldings that take the forms of roses, beads, etc.

To bring in the charm of ‘old world’, mix and match different finishes in mahogany or cherry stain to create the feel they were collected over time. Countertops could go all the way from inexpensive concrete and up to elegant marble, quartzite, and granite. They’re usually non-shiny or honed as to look rather aged.

Lighting fixtures and fabrics should spell out luxury. For instance, a brass or crystal chandelier is ideal in a traditional kitchen. Go for heavy fabrics with floral or strips patterns which can be added to your window treatments and table cloths.

Also rich colors derived from jewel tones are deeply associated with the traditional feel. Therefore pick a bold shade of blue, red, gold, or green which could be accentuated with neutral colors such as off-whites and beiges. This mixture of colors adds warmth and effortless elegance that satisfy both the eye and the soul.

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